• How do I log-in to my site?

    At the top right of the page there is a client login button. If you are using chrome it may say that you are “Not Secure” if you click advanced and proceed it will direct you to the login page. Our office staff will have provided you with a unique username and password. If you need help please feel free to give us a shout, or view the video tutorial below!

  • Why is my username or password not working?

    Please call the office and we can reissue a new username and password if you have misplaced yours.

  • I want to use the app for my mobile device. How do i do that?

    The mobile app is a very handy tool to look at your data. Please download the link and call us to set you up!



  • Will my username and password for my computer and i-phone be the same?

    Yes. Yes they will.

  • If i want to download data from the host to save on my local machine, how do i do that?

    There are a few ways to download the data, and in our tutorial section you can watch that video. Or let us create customizable automated reports. Let us know what data and when you want it— every day, or week, or month, and we got you covered.